What do we stand for and how did we reach to it?
Remember the days when we used to fill our slam-books with career aspirations like scientist, teacher and doctor? Nobody at that time thought there could’ve been a career in Travelling, let alone being a travelpreneur! But as life happens, you understand that a career could be anything where you can be a problem-solver for the society.
And that’s how a few engineers from NIT Kurukshetra found that the travel industry in India needed a fresh burst of young energy! The need of the hour was to convert a dispersed agent based model to a more friendly ,transparent and an accessible community for Indian travellers, and hence Travel on Heaven. Let’s have a closer look at the hustlers who’re on a mission to stir up people’s life with memorable experiences.

Arpit Singh Bhadoria     

     CEO, Founder & Partner

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 Tara Chand                   Co- Founder & Partner

 Vikash Parashar           Head of Operations   & Partner

Our WARRIORS who have helped us build this holistic community

Trip Captains

Our trip captains are nothing short of heroes. Brave, dynamic, and great leaders, they’re certainly the showrunners of the community trips. They’ve been handpicked from India’s best travel institutes, and know all tricks of trade to lead and manage all kinds of trips, including biking and trekking expeditions.

Local Vendors

Being the bridge between the local vendors and the customers, we’re very selective about the former. After a rigorous recci, we’ve found the most kind and hospitable vendors, who make our travelers feel at home, even when they might be miles away from it. Over the period of time, we’ve managed to make a family-like relationship with our vendors, thus giving back to the local community in every way possible!

Transport Drivers

We understand the responsibility of taking utmost care of our travelers when they’re off to experience the toughest terrains of the country. Hence everything depends on the competency of our drivers. All the drivers at Travel on Heaven are local professionals, who’ve been in practice since years, and we assure that they know all nooks and corners of the roads by heart!