Manali Receives Season’s First Snowfall – 5 Reasons To Plan A Trip ASAP

Most of the tourists visit hill stations in our country during summers to get rid of the scorching heat of the plains. However, there are a few travel destinations in hills that receive tourists throughout the year. Manali is one of those favorite tourist spots.

We all were stuck in the homes due to the pandemic for more than six months. Finally, it’s the perfect time to head to this beautiful Pahadi destination to fulfill our much-awaited desire to travel and experience snowfall in manali.

Here are the reasons why it is a perfect time to rush to Manali.

Weather Is Pleasant! You May Encounter Snowfall During Your Trip.

Snow-laden mountain peaks, roads covered with fresh snow, and a pleasing atmosphere is what you will find in Manali during the winter months. If you are lucky, you could witness Snowfall in Manali. The chances of experiencing this wonder are high if you visit Manali from December to January.

During Summers, Manali remains too crowded with tourists. Be it, Honeymooners or College students, Manali has something for everyone. You may witness herds of people honking in narrow alleys of Manali. In the winter season (except for Christmas and New Year’s Eve), you will encounter lesser people and peaceful surroundings.

Best Time To Indulge In Snow Sports And Activities

There are a lot of snow sports and adventure activities to explore in Manali. Skiing, Tubing, Snow Zorbing, Riding on Snow Scooters, and more! Manali receives fresh snow during December and January, so if you are fond of playing with the snow, then there is no better time to visit this beautiful town.

Explore The Beauty Of Lahaul Valley

Atal tunnel has opened the doors of mesmerizing Lahaul Valley. During the winter season, the entire Lahaul valley remains covered with snow, which remains inaccessible during winter. Previously the journey between Manali to Lahaul Valley would take around 4-5 hours. With the tunnel’s completion and opening, this time has reduced to just over 90 minutes. You could take a day trip to Lahaul valley and visit Keylong, Tandi and the Confluence of Chandra & Bhaga rivers.

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Get Affordable Deals On Accommodation And Commute Options.

During the winter season, you will find great deals on the bookings of hotels & hostels in Manali (except for Christmas and New Year’s Eve). If you are willing to stay for a longer duration or plan a cozy workcation in Manali, then the winter months are perfect. You will get good deals on commute options as well.

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