Hang Out Zones To Admire The Citylights

The streets of Mumbai have a lot to wow you, especially during the wee hours. Be it the late night munching spots or the sea lanes, all you have to do enjoy is head out and enjoy the night!

1. Marine Drive – Nariman Point

nightlife in mumbai

Irrespective of whether you’re alone or with your favorite squad, Marine Drive is a great spot to visit at midnight and even after. If the monsoon in Mumbai makes this place a hotspot for couples, the night makes it a great place to hang out with friends and family. It is undoubtedly the best place in the city that makes you believe that nobody sleeps here. From vendors selling bhuttas (roasted corn) and chai late at night, and people soaking in the beautiful views to the early risers who arrive here for their morning workout, this place is never at rest. You can listen to your favorite beats here, catch up with your old friends, or get your guitar and get into the jamming mode with your friends around.

Stays open throughout the day and night.
Famous For: Queen’s necklace as when viewed from an elevated height in the night the street lights do appear similar to a string of pearls in the necklace. 

2. Juhu Chowpatty

juhu chowpatty during night

If you like staying out under the stars yet appreciate a little crowd around, this is the place for you to explore Mumbai in the nightFrom families to couples, and group of friends, everyone can be spotted here. Take a stroll and unwind as the waves kiss your feet or spend the night indulging in the most talked about street food of the city. This famous beach has a lot of stalls that offer everything from Pav bhaji to chuski.

You can spend time at the chowpatty till 12 AM.
Famous For: Juhu beach

3. Worli Sea Face

Worli Sea Face is the alternative to Marine Drive for southerners living on this side of the town. Soak in the serene vibes and admire the views of the sea glittering under the city lights. The best part about Worli Sea Face is that it is open and free for all, you can take a leisurely stroll on the designated footpath under the stars at night. Enjoy the tranquility of the Worli Sea Face that stretches to Worli-Bandra Sea Link.

Location: Worli Sea Face, Worli, Mumbai
Famous For: Giant waves in the monsoon season.

4. Bademiya In Colaba

food spot in south mumbai

This is by far the best late night munching spot if you’re a non vegetarian at heart and also the best area to stay in Mumbai for nightlife. Of course, it does offer a scrumptious variety in vegetarian as well. But, to spend your night out on the streets of Mumbai, having lip-smacking tandoori tikkas and kebabs is a dream for many. And Bademiya located right behind Hotel Taj Mahal in Colaba, ensures your dream comes true. It’s among the best places to head to when looking for a great nightlife in South Mumbai.

And you know what’s more special, it stays open till 3 AM and even delivers at your doorstep!

Famous For: Popularized Seekh kabab

Best Nightclubs And Pubs To Live Like A Party Freak

We’re sure you’ve heard a zillion times about the party places in Mumbai, and why wouldn’t you? Starting from Taproom to Olive, Social and Hoppipola, to Prive’, Hype, and local bars like Sunlight and Gokul, this city has something to suit everyone’s pocket. But, out of all the best nightclubs in Mumbai, these are a few dance clubs in Mumbai to make sure you experience the best of all during your visit here!

5. Trilogy In Juhu

nightclubs in mumbai

Trilogy is a much-hyped yet one of the top nightclubs in Mumbai, located in Juhu’s Hotel Sea Princess. The sizzling red couches along with the long wooden bar showcasing exotic cocktails and wines makes this club a popular attraction. While the first level of the club offers you the drinks of your choice, the next one has a throbbing dance floor. Get ready to have the best night of your life if Trilogy is the club you’re planning to visit.

Except for Sunday and Monday, this nightclub stays open on all the days from 10 PM to 3 AM.
Famous For: Live performances and events

6. AER In Four Seasons Hotel, Worli

rooftop bar in mumbai

Set up on the 34th floor of the Four Seasons Hotel, this is the grandest and the most posh rooftop bar and club of Mumbai. If you’re someone who admires a fancy dinner over drinks on the rocks, this is definitely your place to be. You can visit here with your family and even your special someone. There’s enough room for everyone to savour the mesmerizing views of the city that this place offers.

You can chill at AER on any day of the week from 5 PM to 2 AM.
Famous For: Beautiful view and excellent food

7. Toto’s Garage In Bandra

pubs in mumbai

You might have second thoughts for once because of the name of this place if you’re not the one who loves exploring. But believe us, this is the best dance bar in Mumbai to go to if you’re looking for a pocket-friendly yet best disco pubs in Mumbai. Just like the name, even the décor has been designed like a garage with the body of a VW Beetle suspended above the lounge and the Dj mixing some great numbers in a Maruti Van! It’s a fun place that serves toothsome delicacies like chilli paneer and chicken in ‘mesh wires! If you’re someone who fears the crowd, don’t count on this place! Without a doubt, it’s among the best spots to check out the Mumbai nightlife for singles.

The pub can be visited at anytime between 6 PM and 1 AM.
Famous For: Rock music with occasional classic hits from the 80s and 90s

8. Poison

Nightlife in Chandigarh_22th oct

Poison is considered amongst the best dance clubs in Mumbai that attracts plenty of big stars and celebrities along with a world-class DJs who play the latest tracks of all kinds of genres from hip hop to Bollywood. Groove to the feet-tapping music, soak in the electrifying vibe of this club that is decked with disco lights making it one of the top clubs in Mumbai.

Location: Poison, 206 Patkar Marg, Waterfield Rd Mumbai, 400050
Timings: 9:30 pm – 1:30 am
Famous For: Best disco in Mumbai

9. Tryst

people dancing in a nightclub

Another promiscuous disco club in Mumbai, Tryst is an all time favourite haunt for party goers and night owls in the city and certainly one of the top clubs in Mumbai. The neon-lit dance floor, the dancing ceiling lights, exclusive party tables, VIP lounge, a high bar with the best cocktails and thumping music all make up for the best nightclub in Mumbai. The play of light in its every nook and corner will intrigue you to hit the dance floor and have the best night of your life.

Location: Tryst, 462, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400013
Timings: 10 pm – 1:30 am
Price: INR 2500 for two
Famous For: Famous nightclubs

10. Dome

Dome is a fascinating nightlife spot with pretty lights and tranquil views of the sea making it one of the best late night clubs in Mumbai. You can sip on a cocktail and enjoy the sunset with your loved ones, gorge on delish food and soak in the good vibes. Don’t miss out on the delicious finger food, the candlelit decor and the pool to experience a lavish night in Mumbai.

Location: Dome, Hotel InterContinental, 135, Marine Drive, Mumbai
Timings: 5 pm – 1:30 am
Price: INR 3000 for two
Famous For: Cuisines and excellent view

Entertainment To Destress

There might be a long list of the best late night clubs in Mumbai, but there’s nothing that beats the comfort and joy of entertainment at night with your favorite people around. From live music performances to theatre plays, this Bollywood city has something to tickle everyone’s fancy!

11. Live Music At Blue Frog In Lower Parel

live music blue frog

Blue Frog, located in Lower Parel has revolutionized the concept of live music in the city and there’s no comparison for it. This high-end club is often a hub for celebrities like Lucky Ali, Priyanka Chopra, Farhan Akhtar, etc. who not only visit the venue, but also perform here. It has an egg-shaped seating arrangement, modern LED screens, and great food & drinks along with an endless list of high-profile visitors to experience the best nightlife in Mumbai.

The club remains open from 6 PM to 1.30 AM from Tuesday to Saturday. Also, you can enjoy a free entry if you visit before 9 PM (only if it’s not a specially priced event or night).
Famous For: Live Music

12. Late Night Movie Scenes At Metro Or Regal

cinemas in mumbai

This is the place to experience the best nightlife in Mumbai for not just partying at night, but also to enjoy late night movie shows at the popular theatres. Be it the fancy Inox or the old Metro cinemas, you’d absolutely love the experience if you’re a movie buff. The cost of the tickets is quite pocket-friendly, especially during weekdays, and the crowd is a mix of family, couples, and friends, which only makes you feel more secure.

Famous For: Partying at night

13. Canvas Laugh Club In Lower Parel

comedy club in lower parel

There’s no better way to experience Mumbai at night than starting with a dose of laughter. Visit the Canvas Laugh Club at the Palladium Mall in Lower Parel, and witness the best of comedy right in front of your eyes. From famous comedians like Kanan Gill and Kenny to newcomers like Abhishek Upmanyu, the stage here is the best platform to enjoy an evening full of entertainment.

All the performances here happen between 7 PM and 10:30 PM on all the days of the week.
Famous For: Best dose for laughter

Fun Activities To Calm The Thrill Seeker In You

Who says Mumbai is all about partying? There’s an endless number of things to do for those who are crazy and adventurous. To calm the adventurer in you, you can take a cruise tour or go for moonlight kayaking nearby if you’re searching night out places near Mumbai.

14. Midnight Cycling Tour

fun activties mumbai nightlife

What can be a better way to explore the nightlife in Mumbai than to see the city on the wheels. Don’t forget to ride through the beautiful route of the city, and stop by at all the popular spots such as Marine Drive, Shivaji Park, and many more. This amazing ride will come to an end at Bandstand and help you unravel a totally different Mumbai with this delightful midnight cycling trip.

15. Sundown Parasailing

adventure activities mumbai

Yes, you read it right. Parasailing actually happens in Mumbai at night. You can avail a service at Water Sports Complex situated on Marine Drive, and whilst enjoying a bird’s eye view of the entire city. This should definitely be on your list of must do things here if you want a smashing experience of the nightlife in Mumbai Marine Drive.

drive through sealink

Driving on the empty roads in Mumbai is no less than a dream. Take a smooth drive through the Worli sea link to experience the true jewel of a time. It is located on one of the calmest sea fronts of the city and you will get to gaze at the beauty of the city like never before. While heading out on a romantic drive sounds perfect, this is also one of the ways to experience the nightlife in Mumbai for singles.

Sweet Spots For Your Sweet Tooth

It’s astonishing how some of the famous dessert places in Mumbai hasn’t changed even a bit. From famous patisserie to ice cream parlours, there are a lot of spots offering delectable delights for everyone to relish.

17. Bachelorr’s

famous juice centre mumbai

Located right opposite to the Chowpatty seaface, this place serves the best fresh juices and ice cream sundaes. Anyone passing by stops here at midnight to satiate their hunger pangs with the light delicious bites, and enjoys the nightlife of Mumbai by indulging in the unique taste that this place offers.

It stays open from 10 AM to 1:30 AM.
Famous For: Ice Creams

18. Theobroma

famous patisserie mumbai

The popular yet famous bakery and patisserie in Mumbai is the best place to visit if you want to see the sweeter side of the nightlife in Mumbai. Located in Colaba and Bandra, this place usually stays open till 12 AM. The choco chip brownies, red velvet pastries, and chicken sandwich are a must have here!

Theobroma remains open until 12 AM on all days of the week.
Famous For: Best Bakery

19. K Rustom’s Ice Cream

homemade ice cream mumbai

Ever been a fan of homemade ice creams? Well, this age old place at Churchgate serves scrumptious ice creams, which literally leaves you licking your fingers. This is the oldest Iranian parlour in the city, despite which it keeps on adapting the flavors over the years, out of which the sandwich is the best!

The ice cream parlour remains open from 9:30 AM to 11 PM on all days except for Sunday, on which it opens at 3 PM to 11 PM.

20. The Rolling Pin

The Rolling Pin is a distinctive boulangerie, and patisserie that offers a range of confectionery items, baked goods and culinary delights that are going to make you swoon. Refresh your taste buds and simply lose yourself in the sweetness and subtle taste of the scrumptious creations of this eatery. The freshly baked goods and the soothing ambience are going to make you fall in love with this cafe. It boasts a certain sense of warmth and comfort just enough to end your night on a perfect note, rather a sweet note.

Location: The Rolling Pin, 12, Janta Industrial Estate, Tulsi Pipe Rd, opposite Phoenix, Lower, Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400013
Timings: 11 am – 12:30 am
Price: INR 1000 for two