It’s the season when no Indian, irrespective to which state he/she belongs can deny the soul-filling combination of chai-pakoras. It’s the season when nature comes to life. It’s the season when peacocks dance outside their hideouts.

Guessed it yet? No?
It’s the monsoons i.e. the time when this world looks a little more beautiful. And, I am sure you wouldn’t miss the chance to witness this charming beauty. There might be many places in our country that look heavenly during the downpours but none can beat the warmth of Meghalaya, the abode of clouds. Having places like Cherrapunji and Mawsynram which are considered to be two of the wettest places in the world, Meghalaya in monsoon is pure bliss. Chasing rains amidst the astonishing valleys and quaint villages is indeed a pleasure for adventure seekers.

If you aren’t convinced even after this then here I am giving you some more reasons for planning a trip to Meghalaya in Monsoons.

Magical Lakes And Waterfalls

Though Meghalaya leaves no stone unturned to stun its visitors all around the year, monsoons are special. During this time you get to see the waterfalls and lakes in full force. It feels as if the falls are singing a song of their own, depicting their happiness for every drop they are receiving. The whole scene seems so mesmerizing. Waterfalls are an integral part of Meghalaya tourism, hence must be visited when they are in their perfect shape. Giant falls with greenery in the backdrop and grey skies above, this is nothing short of something I’d call breathless. The Elephant Falls, Seven-Sisters fall, Nohkalikai Falls, and last but not the least Kynrem Falls create a splendid sight to behold!

The Stunning Views Of Khasi Hills

As clouds take over the lush green valleys, the enthralling Khasi Hills overlooking the plains of neighboring Bangladesh is wrapped in a blanket of dense fog. The misty mornings here are something you shouldn’t miss. It’s a paradise for landscape lovers. You’ll come across views so surreal that it’ll take a few moments for you to realize that everything you see is real.
Sitting atop the hill where cotton candy-like clouds are your companions, imagine, what experience would it be!

The Awe-Inspiring Beauty Of Laitlum Canyons

Laitlum Canyons are too beautiful to be translated as ‘The End of the World’. Until now you must have known that there’s nothing which can match the charm of Meghalaya in monsoon. Hence, these Canyons form yet another reason for you to pay a visit to this place. Blessing you with unparalleled views of neighbouring valleys, the Laitlum Canyons offer you a chance to witness the magnificence of seasonal waterfalls. Giving you a birds-eye view of partnering Shillong, the most shrouded destination is a heaven for trekkers. Hiking up to the top while the skies are pouring upon you would be more adventurous than you would have ever thought. Though the terrain could be difficult to maneuver, if aced, you’ll be a spectator of massive beauty that Meghalaya has been holding for years now.

Rekindling In The Laps Of Nature

Who wouldn’t wish to relax in the unpolluted pristine environment? Who wouldn’t want to escape in the laps of refreshing nature?
The surroundings in Meghalaya soothe your mind, body and soul. Their tender touch, utter silence of greenery, eye-pleasing rainbows and cool blowing breeze uplift your spirit like no place could ever do. Doing nothing and leisurely sitting by the goodness of nature may bring you peace that you’ve been seeking for a long time. Meghalaya tourism is flourishing for the relaxing time the state has to offer. Here you’ll be leading a life full of serenity. There no place than Meghalaya which could redefine earth’s beauty. One could say Meghalaya seems like an extended paradise during the monsoon time.

Best For Budgeted Travellers

Monsoons in Meghalaya call for the off-season, hence the tourist traffic is comparatively low when compared to other times of the year. You get to have several sightseeing places only to yourself and the most important one- no photobombing by strangers! It’s a moment to rejoice as you can book hotels, taxis, etc. at lower prices. So, in other words, you can make the most out of Meghalaya without burning a hole in your pocket. Now say aren’t monsoons the best time to visit the Meghalaya?

Heavenly Tracks Of The Living Roots Bridge

Meghalaya’s most favourite tourist destination, the Living Roots Bridge becomes more fascinating as it receives the downpours. During this season, the bridge is surrounded by fresh streams, flamboyant nature and rich wildlife. The rivers beneath these bridges are in full flow making it a legendary destination. This place is perfect for those who are photographers and nature lovers as one gets to see an entirely different face of nature. While the skies pour waters over Meghalaya, the Living Roots Bridge comes to life.

Don’t miss this opportunity of having an unforgettable experience.

Being a traveller myself, I wouldn’t miss a chance to witness this glorious side of Meghalaya. The state’s undeniable beauty and purity are its USP’s during the monsoons. Blessed with remarkably splendid geography, the place is a must-visit.
The hide and seek which the rain plays, the clouds that please your eyes and the songs that nature sing, I am already a fan of this state. Had I been at your place and not struggling between college assignments, I would have already packed my bag for Meghalaya.

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